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Our organization was founded in 1986. The 1980's represented a time in insurance history when the insurance market "hardened" drastically. Many classes of insureds couldn't find coverage, and if they did, their premiums were increased between 200 to 2000 percent. These problems hit the water handling and treatment industries especially hard. The founder's first reaction was to go to Lloyds of London and he was successful in finding a market for a chemical manufacturer based in Tennessee. While this approach helped applicants find coverage, it didn't address the increasing premium cost issue. The London program was abandoned in 1984. Several members of the water treatment industry contacted WaterColor Management to establish a long-term water treatment/septic program to provide adequate coverage and to help control insurance premiums. As a result two organizations developed. The Water Treatment Industry Assurance Company was formed in 1985 and the national Association of Water Technologies was established. http://www.awt.org

WaterColor Management has developed highly specialized coverage forms for businesses in the water treatment and handling business. The broadness of the coverage is unparalleled in the insurance industry and serves a multitude of businesses that treat or handle water. WaterColor Management is allied with an A.M. Best "A++ XV" rated company and other carries to provide the critical liability insurance needed by the industry.

  • John Walsh, Director
  • Donald Cleveland, CEO
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